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Demo of DEMSO administration

The Software is very User Friendly and Intuitive. Client Area describes all features in detail, so you can get immediate help. You do not need to study hundreds of pages of Manual.

Even better, watch our video tutorial to see, how simple is our Email Marketing SW.



This is only short preview of screens in user area. You will see the full manual after registration.

A. Create Email lists

Email list, zoznam na realizovanie Newsletter kampaní

  1. Name your own list of email s and save it to address its customers
  2. You can freely manage their Emails, delete them or export
  3. You can view e-mail addresses in each list, as appropriate, sort, search or delete
  4. You  can always add a new address simply by typing the appropriate fields
  5. You can add  hundreds of addresses by simply copying data from Excel or other database files

B. Preparation of Newsletters

Vytvorenie Newslettra - Newsletter creation, Direct Email camopaign


  1. Fill in all fields as the standard Email
  2. You can create newsletter  using the built-Tiny Editor (Visual) or create your newsletter in any external editor and paste the HTML code only (Code). If you do not have graphic designers, we can create prefessiona Newsletters
  3. Choose a list of email addresses of your clients where you want to send your Newsletter. You will see a structure of individual fields in a database of your clients
  4. Insert the pictures into your Newsletters
  5. Mark the links you want to monitor by DEMSO. Every click on such a line is recorded in final statistics
  6. You can personalize your Newsletters. You can add any field from the database. Your mail will look like as if they were formed separately for each client
  7. Create your Newsletter in Tiny editor or in an external HTML editor


3. Campaign evaluation

Summary of Campaigns - evaluate campaign

  1. Comprehensive statistics show all the results collected during the Campaign
  2. Get complete overview which client has read your Email,
  3. when he/she opened it,
  4. how long he has read it,
  5. which link was clicked,
  6. who forwarded the mail to another recipients
  7. see all the results in charts


Evaluate Newsletter Emailc campaign softaware

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