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Tracking E-mail

Tracking technologies E-mail is currently used by most large companies in marketing campaigns. These tools enable you to identify each recipient individually, see how many times your e-mail was read. Determine clicked links, and whether it will forward on to their colleagues or friends. System it’s designed to filter your clients, depending on which campaigns are most effective, what information your clients need most and what data can be ignored. In this way, clients can be classified into different groups. You can exclude those who never read your emails, and other can be divided according to which mails read to them took the same interest. Surveillance and monitoring e-mail communication not only allows you to streamline your email campaigns, but you will also gain advantage on competitive market.

Customized E-mail

The system allows you to personalize all sent E-mails. If your database contains in addition of the address's data such as the name, address, website, etc., you can insert the data into fields such as mail, and your mail will look customized. For example "Title field" “Last name field" I found your contact on the web page"web page field” will look like this in practice. " Mr. Smith, I found your contact page Customized Mails looks like naturally written through personalization, and they are easy-going without pressure. They have a much greater marketing impact than impersonal standard Newsletter.

E-mail Marketing

To find out a client who reads your mail and what link they are clicking is just the beginning of the hard marketing work. Successful marketers know their customers and are preparing campaigns to meet most clients' expectations. You need to know who prefers plain text emails or who prefers complex graphics assembly, who just a simple explanation of the new product and who needs to know the details. Who responds to the offer immediately and who takes longer?  Your e-mail marketing will be more successful, the better you know your clients .Of course, if your company's own E-mail marketing methods, you can integrate them with ours. The results and achievement will be greater.


Direct Marketing

Once you distribute E-mails, you would like to know, how your clients perceive the offer. Would you like to know their opinion? But whom to call? To the thousands of clients you´ve sent the Newsletters? Certainly not. We can update your database and tell you, who of the clients is still in business, who might still need your products or services. And you can concentrate your Direct marketing effort only on those, who are prospective and not waste time with the others.

By definition, Direct marketing is a form of advertising  that reaches its audience without using traditional formal channels of advertising, such as TV, newspapers or radio. Sales stuff communicate straight to the consumer with advertising techniques such as fliers, catalogue distribution, promotional letters, and even street advertising. Direct marketing is predominantly used by small to medium-size enterprises with limited advertising budgets that do not have a well-recognized brand message. A well-executed direct advertising campaign can offer a positive return on investment (ROI) as the message is not hidden with overcomplicated branding. Instead, direct advertising is straight to the point; offers a product, service, or event; and explains how to get the offered product, service, or event.

DEMSO will help you to significantly increase ROI of your Direct Marketing Campaigns. You will very closely identify the requirements and needs of your customers. This will help you to limit the number of telephone calls and distributions of promotional letters and catalogue only to those, who are really interesting. Our Direct-Email-Marketing-SOftware will bring you following benefits:

  • saving on salaries - less telephone calls or less letters wil allow you to lower the stuff
  • saving on printouts - promotion letters, catalogues - you will print less materials and become "green"
  • saving on post costs - less distributed materials, less postage costs
  • faster identification of customers - the time is money, if you reduce your real customers to 10% of your all customers, you can make a business 10 times faster
  • faster turn-over - if you can idetify faster your buyers, you can increase your productivity and even increase ROI

Preparing and evaluating questionnaires

Is often the case when you need your clients to ask a few questions, the answers to help you for the completion of the products or services, to develop marketing and communication strategy, in making distribution channels? If you do not force your partners to register, you have no idea about filing and completing the questionnaire. Our system allows not only accurately identify every customer who completed the questionnaire, but the individual which sends questions and answers without the client’s final version. On simple questionnaires can be used automated tools, complex questionnaires by custom prepare. The questionnaire may take the form of your Web site, so when completing the questionnaire you will feel that forms are still on your site. Campaign results are summarized in the report or exported to your CRM system.

Value for money

According to American Association for E-mail marketing 1 dollar inverted into E-mail marketing will return as 43 dollars profit. E-mail marketing becomes then the most developing branch of Direct Marketing, It is clear, that the ratio of “Return On Investment” (ROI)  differs from country to country or culture to culture. E-mail marketing is not remedy to all problems with company marketing. Implementation of E-mail marketing requires to change completely the philosophy of Direct marketing of the company. E-mail marketing will bring the maximum Return on Investment, if it is accompanied with changing of web presentation, some structural changes of sale department, employing of professional web developers and graphical experts. Anyway, even if you implement E-mail marketing to standard company environment, it will improve your sale in very short time. We can help you to improve your Newsletter Campaign.


How does this work? Why we can accurately track circulated e-mails? The system is very simple. Each E-mail will contain a unique code. With opening or clicking on a link, our system will recognize and count the E-mail. Thus you have a clear statement about clients who clicked the link, which links; they liked most, and we can even determine whether recipients forward the mail to your friends and colleagues. How do you measure the success of the campaign now? According to the number of responses, the number of orders or by clicking on the link? Modern technologies are here for you, so why not to take advantage to use it? You will become the perfect marketing expert who provides more accurate data for your sales department. We have not invented the wheel. The technology exists for many years on the market, so you can ask, why use just DEMSO? So here are a few reasons:

  • We provide you with not the only free testing system, but also the free use of your current marketing work
  • Paid version is one of the best on the market in terms of prices
  • After trying the free online system, you can get your own DEMSO server
  • Further the system will integrate your requirements and comments
  • We provide permanent technical support in Slovak language, so you always receive the answer and help
  • For the upgrade, you get automatically the latest online version at no additional charge



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