Try our new marketing system SOFTMAILER!



Free service
? Why not. You just register  and   you can immediately start using our Free Direct Email Marketing Software. You can prepare your Newsletter Campaign, you can personalize your E-mails, and you can prepare and distribute your E-mails. Everything is FREE! Direct E-mail Marketing Software will enable you to trace immediately your Newsletters to see who opened them, who clicked the links and who forwarded Newsletters to friends and colleagues.


User Friendly

You can easily evaluate your E-mail Campaign and profit on useful marketing information. The use of DEMSO is very intuitive and you need maximum 15 minutes to be fully familiar with use Free Direct Email Marketing Software. If you want to use some advanced features of our Free Direct Email Marketing Software, you can use our Help, which you find after registration. We are permanently improving our system and many useful tools are in the stage of testing and will be available in the next release.


No Time limit!

Do not be affraid, that we will start charging you after 1 month or 60 days!! Our Email marketing software system has no time limitation and it is free for both, private and commercial use. You can send ap to 10.000 Emails (Newsletters) every month to your customers, which is enough for many companies. Is it not enough? You can buy additional credit from just about 0,2$ per 1000 Emails sent.


How does it work?

After registration you get immediately account FREE 1000, which enables you to sent out your Newsletter to 1000 E-mail addresses. By a simple approach you can increase your account to FREE 10.000, which enables you to prepare the caimpaign and send it to 10.000 E-mails.

Boxed version of our Direct Email Marketing Software can be freely installed to your company server and used according to License conditions in your LAN or even in WAN in case of Corporate Environment. Boxed version may differ depending on your preferences and individual requirements and you can use it for any Newsletter Campaign or just for tracing Emails sent to your staff.


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