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Tracking sent emails

Are you sending hundreds of mails to your customers whenever you have an event or news? Are you just wondering about who read your offer, who clicked on a link in the mail and who recommended your product to friends or colleagues? For marketers this information is priceless. Our system allows you to track all this information and monitor the effectiveness of campaigns. We will produce clear statistics for you to be able to target campaigns directed by the interests and preferences of individual clients.

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E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is the most powerful online marketing tool. You do not have to wait until Google starts to display your website or pay  for prioritized advertisement. You do not have to wait until candidates click on the website or clients find a proper  advertisement. The information that you want to present will be processed and transparent into the structured email. Not sure if rather click on an attractive lady, or a serious businessman? DEMSO  monitors the behavior and mindset of your customers and adjusts the campaign accordingly.

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Direct Marketing

Your sale managers often face the question of whom to call or send an offer? A database of thousands of clients does not contain any information about who is seriously interested in the products. DEMSO allows maximum efficiency of work of  sale department. They can see who reads your mail information, which he was most interested in products which page they're visiting. This allows traders to very specifically and effectively implements the Direct Marketing activities and concentrate only on those clients whom your offer is interesting

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Often happens that you need your clients to ask a few questions, the answers to help you for the completion of the products or services, to develop marketing and communication strategy, or opening distribution channels? If you do not force your partners to register, you have no idea which completed and fill the questionnaire. DEMSO allows not only accurately identify everyone  customer who filled out a questionnaire, but registering the responses to each question even without the client sends the final version.

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Value for Money

According to American Association for E-mail marketing 1 dollar inverted into E-mail marketing will return as 43 dollars. E-mail marketing than becomes  the most developing branch of Direct Marketing, together with other forms of Internet Marketing. It is clear, that the ratio of Return ON Investment differs from country to country or culture to culture.

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The strength of our solutions is to provide comprehensive services and  relation between activities. You can evaluate multiple campaigns at once; you can evaluate the most active customers. You can insert data into your CRM system, or you can export them for your references. You can obtain the previous campaigns and use their data in subsequent campaigns. You can create custom lists of e-mail addresses by specific interest to your clients. DEMSO has unlimited opportunities, and it's up to you to take advantage of it.

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Localize recipients

Demso engine provides valuable data about position of your emails recipients. You can improve targeting of your online marketing by using this feature. For example in the case where are dialect differences needed. System indicates country and city information, so you can localize people in the every country in the world

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