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DEMSO Products

Direct E-mail Marketing Software (DEMSO) has 2 basic forms - Online Web based service and Boxed programme, where you buy a complete package and you have the server fully under your control.



On-Line Direct Email Marketing software is primarily dedicated for the small and medium size enterprizes, witht 5-10 marketing experts and companies, which do not have IT stuff able to install and maintain Boxed version. Moreover, On-line Direct E-mail Marketing Software will have a full on-line support, so in case of any problem, we can easily help you to find a solution.



Boxed DEMSO means in short the installation version of Direct Email Marketing Software. It is SW or program, which you install to your own server. You can get it in BOX with CD and printed Instruction Manual, or just as Download, where we priovide you electronic version. Our system is based on Open Source components so you do not need to buy any extra software. All the clients can use DEMSO products just by using standard Web Browsers, such as Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera etc. Companies, which need Boxed Direct Email Marketing Software, but do not have any IT experts, can get complete Server (Usually HP Proliant), with Pre-installed the software. You only connect the server to the LAN and you can start immediately using our DEMSO software.
We also provide the customization of DEMSO to your specific needs, such au design of web page, special design of your Emails (for example signature of your E-mails) or we can develop special features according to your specifications. We provide a permanent technical support, so you can call us or send us E-mail any time and you will get our full support.


Product description

Description Standard Professional Corporate
Emails in 1 campaign Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
No. of email lists 1 Unlimited Unlimited
No. of parallel campaigns 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Personalisation Nie Áno Áno
No. of tracked links 5 10 10
Input email lists in CSV Áno Áno Áno
Export data to CSV Nie Áno Áno
User administration Nie Nie Áno
Number of installations 1 1 License
Sender emails 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Pre-Installed on HP Proliant server Nie Áno Áno
Lifetime support Áno Áno Áno
Price 499 € 1499 € 1999 €
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